Haiku A Day – Day 27

Photo by Gustavo Fring

On the last day of August, we’re wrapping up the Briefly Write ‘Haiku A Day’ Challenge… for now! We hope that these posts have served as inspiration for your poetry writing.

The Briefly Write Weekly Prompt Game runs every Wednesday on Twitter (via @dang_clark) and here on the Prompts page.

Keep your eyes peeled for some fiction inspiration in September – and more poetry prompts too!

And finally, if you’ve been inspired to write poetry, why not send some of your best creations into Briefly Zine? To see the sort of work we publish and support our wonderful contributors, you can check out Issue 2 which is launching on Saturday 5 September!

The Challenge

At Briefly Write we’re firm believers in the power of well-chosen words. The haiku’s tight form will make you pay close attention to word choice and help you hone straight in on the most powerful images.

Here’s what you need to do: Write a haiku. Every day. We might be ending the posts, but we’ll still be writing a daily haiku – and hope carry on too!

We’d love to see what you’ve been creating and hear how you’re getting on: tweet us at @BrieflyWrite or reply in the comments to this post! And if you’ve written a poem you’re especially proud of, have a look at Briefly Zine‘s submission guidelines.

sentiments are strained
don’t know what to think or say:
repeat the old lie

Our challenge is simple: write one haiku every day. Get inspired & join the fun on Twitter or in the comments!

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