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Briefly Write is a little literary space for bold, succinct writing

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Briefly Write is a creative space for bold poetry and prose.

  • We publish a twice yearly zine of quality writing and photos
  • We provide free-to-enter poetry and fiction competitions with cash prizes
  • We are active members of the literary community, obsessive readers and supportive editors
  • We offer reading challenges that promote a more conscious reading experience and book reviews that share insights into contemporary and classic works
  • We hope you enjoy your (brief) time spent with us!

Our Editors

Daniel Clark (he/him)

Daniel is a freelance writer and translator. His poems and stories have appeared in Acumen, Dreich, Ethel Zine, Spelt and The Sunlight Press, and he won the Spanish category of In Another Voice‘s 2021 Poetry Translation Prize. He has been nominated for the Best Small Fictions and Best Microfiction awards, and performed eco-poetry at COP26. He is vegan for the animals. @dang_clark

Elinor Clark (she/her)

Elinor’s words have appeared in AMBIT, The London Magazine, The Blue Nib, Marble Poetry and Lighthouse Journal and she was an Erbacce Prize winner in 2020. She loves attending open mic nights and has performed at events across London, Berlin and Amsterdam. She is a philosophy master’s student researching AI and how groups know things. @elinor_s_clark

Our Future

We have ambitious plans for the future of Briefly Write – but we need your support to pursue them. We want to establish a sustainable model that will allow us to pay contributors, grow our readership and generate more exciting content and creativity. We want to encourage more people to share their story and get more voices heard.

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Every penny we receive goes towards maintaining and improving Briefly Write. We do not take any money out.