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A literary space for bold, succinct writing

Briefly Zone

In Briefly Zone, you have access to an array of resources to help you craft outstanding fiction and poetry.

We dig deep into the theory whilst retaining an accessible tone. All our resources are engaging and interactive. Whatever your level, you’ll find Briefly Zone an instructive, inclusive and inspiring place.

Make yourself at home, then read and write to your heart’s content.

Briefly Zine

Briefly Zine is committed to offering the freshest short fiction. We love bold, succinct stories between 6 and 600 words, and poems less than 16 lines.

We publish quarterly and read submissions all year round. It is free to submit and we want to read your words whether you have an extensive bio or are new to writing.

Issue 2 is out NOW!

Briefly Reviews

Peruse Briefly Reviews for succinct, meaningful literary analyses.

Reading is a refuge against the madness of the outside world. Our brief insights will enhance your reading experience.

We are always looking to discover new authors. If you would like to request a review of your book, drop us an email at

Briefly Write

A literary space for bold, succinct writing

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