Briefly Write

A literary space for bold, succinct writing

Briefly Zine

Briefly Zine is committed to offering the freshest short fiction. We love bold, succinct stories between 6 and 600 words, and poems less than 16 lines.

We publish quarterly and read submissions all year round. It is free to submit and we want to read your words whether you have an extensive bio or are new to writing.

Issue 6 OUT NOW!

Briefly Zone

In the Briefly Zone, we have prompts and encouragement to improve and inspire your writing.

Briefly Comps

Our Briefly Comps exist to celebrate and reward bold, succinct writing.

We currently run two competitions:

Write 10, Win 10 will re-open in December 2021. Briefly Write Poetry Prize will re-open in May 2022.

You can read this year’s winning and commended stories and poems here…

Briefly Read

At Briefly Read, we encourage you to read differently. To read for pleasure and with purpose. To encounter fresh perspectives, consider diverse opinions and hear new voices.

Peruse our reviews to find your next favourite book or dive straight into a reading challenge. Discover ways to make your reading more meaningful and get the most out of every book you pick up.

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We have ambitious plans for the future of Briefly Write – but we need your support to pursue them. We want to establish a sustainable model that will allow us to pay contributors, grow our readership and generate more exciting content and creativity. We want to encourage more people to share their story and do more to get under-represented voices heard.

Briefly Write

A literary space for bold, succinct writing

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