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One Word Then Another

All writers go through good spells and bad spells. Whether it’s an afternoon spent staring at a blank screen or months without turning on the computer…

Believe in the Writing Process

Life is about the journey not the destination. This may be the most over-used saying in the English language. But it’s vital for a writer to keep in mind.

Briefly Zone is a creative space to hone your skills and find your voice. We’ll help you make your writing sharper and more impactful.

We are a community of writers striving to improve ourselves and our world one word at a time.

You’ll find a wide variety of resources all geared towards inspiring outstanding fiction and poetry.

Let the writing commence…


Get started with a prompt!


Writing is a craft. Often it is intuitive and natural. But there are certain skills any writer or poet should know.

Our lessons will guide you through the techniques used to create compelling stories and poems.


Read Smarter

Reading and writing are yin and yang. One of the best ways to develop your writing skills is by reading.

We read for pleasure and to escape our daily realities. But as writers, we can also look for techniques that might inspire our own work.

As you read a line that chills you to the core, you can ask yourself, ‘How did the author make the situation/character so believable?’

When you’re re-reading your favourite book for the fiftieth time, wonder, ‘How does the author reduce me to tears every time?’

I’ve only made this longer because I haven’t got time to make it shorter

Blaise Pascal