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‘Under the Influence of Nothingness’ by Dan Provost

Dan Provost aptly describes this collection as a series of ‘confessional’ poems. Every word is scraped from the depths of his heart — the effect is sometimes messy, often uncomfortable and always heartfelt.

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#1: 10 Minutes, 38 Seconds in This Strange World

Elif Shafak, 2019

Shafak’s vivid imagery slides off the page, dancing across the reader’s mind with beguiling lucidity…

#3: Strike Your Heart

Amélie Nothomb, 2017

Amélie Nothomb’s uncomplicated style is the perfect vehicle for a story that simultaneously draws the reader in and pushes them away…

#5: The Last Will and Testament of Senhor da Silva Araújo

Germano Almeida, 1989

Writing your life takes on new meaning in this intriguing tale by Cape Verdean author, Germano Almeida…

#7: How the World Thinks

Julian Baggini, 2018

Julian Baggini’s exploration of the world’s diverse ways of thinking is insightful, rigorous and highly readable…

#9: The House at the End of Hope Street

Menna van Praag, 2013

Living rent-free in Cambridge for 99 days really would be magical…

#11: Under the Influence of Nothingness

Dan Provost, 2020

Dan Provost aptly describes this collection as a series of ‘confessional’ poems…

#2: How to be both

Ali Smith, 2014

Smith challenges the reader’s expectations, drags us out of our comfort zone and offers a book that is bafflingly brilliant and brilliantly baffling…

#4: The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Paolo Giordano, 2008

Paolo Giordano’s The Solitude of Prime Numbers is a striking concept, but a mediocre novel…

#6: Surrounded by Idiots

Thomas Erikson, 2014

A fascinating topic becomes an avalanche of clichés and platitudes in this ridiculously oversimplified book about human behaviour…

#8: Quichotte

Salman Rushdie, 2019

Salman Rushdie, famed for his flamboyant and fantastical style, offers a work of mind-boggling meta-fiction for his fourteenth novel…

#10: The Burning Chambers

Kate Mosse, 2018

Gripping plot. Fast-paced action. Lifelike characters. So what’s missing?

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