Writing Prompts

The Briefly Write Prompt Game will get you writing. Every Wednesday, a new prompt will be posted here and on Twitter (via @dang_clark).

The aim is to inspire outstanding works of micro fiction. Your creation can take any form and any style, and the prompts can be interpreted loosely .

Using a prompt is a great way to develop your writing skills. It forces you out of your comfort zone and nudges you towards topics or styles you wouldn’t usually approach. Moreover, the need to fit your creation into a 280-character tweet focuses the mind on the important images and details.

If you do choose to share your work, remember to include the hashtag #brieflywrite to give your writing more visibility.

This Week’s Prompt

#34: Be inspired by PILE THE PILES INTO A PILE

Past Prompts

#33: Use the word DISSUADE

#32: Use the word GALLIMAUFRY

#31: Be inspired by SHOULDERS / KNEES / TOES

#30: Use the word DOG-EARED

#29: Be inspired by WHEN THE STARS COME OUT

#28: Use the word TRANSIENT

#27: Write a POEM about a POEM

#26: Be inspired by POSEIDON

#25: Use the words DANGER & REACH

#24: Be inspired to RIP UP THE RULES

#23: Use the words ROCKET, CRACK & RISK

#22: Use the word TRANCE

#21: Answer the question WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG?

#20: Write about a SPELL and a BAGUETTE

#19: Be inspired by ROLLING IN IT

#18: Write something COLD using the word BLAZE

#17: Use the words BEREFT & REPLETE

#16: Use the words DWINDLE & DWELL

#15: Be inspired by BENEATH THE MASK

#14: Mix something WHITE with a NOISE you can hear

#13: Be inspired by I ONCE SAW

#12: Write about the STRUGGLES OF WRITING

#11: Be inspired by TANGLE

#10: Use the words SCRIBBLE & RIDDLE

#9: Be inspired by TAKE ME AWAY

#8: Use the words FLAUNT, UNRULY & NOBODY

#7: Write something NEW

#6: Be inspired by THE LONG WAY HOME


#4: Write about WAITING

#3: Write about A LIE

#2: Write about TRACKS

#1: Use the words CHOICE, BLUE & SHUFFLE