Haiku A Day – Day 22

Photo by Brooke Lewis

After three weeks of the Briefly Write ‘Haiku A Day’ Challenge, hopefully you’ve written some tremendous verses.

Writing every day is a great way to develop and sustain a writing habit. The words don’t always come easily and sometimes we all feel a little devoid of ideas. But getting something committed to paper — a first draft, however rough it is — is always a good way to go. The old saying isn’t wrong: you can’t edit a blank page.

If you’re joining us for the first time: it’s never too late to get writing! If you need a prompt to get you going, why not check out out the Briefly Write Weekly Prompt Game?

The Challenge

At Briefly Write we’re firm believers in the power of well-chosen words. The haiku’s tight form will make you pay close attention to word choice and help you hone straight in on the most powerful images.

Here’s what you need to do: Write a haiku. Every day.

Following along with the ‘Haiku A Day’ Challenge for a month is an incredible achievement. It will help keep your mind active, hone your writing skills, and ultimately it will mean you have 30 poems — or seedlings — you can revisit, polish up and send off to lit mags!

We’d love to see what you create and hear how you’re getting on: tweet us at @BrieflyWrite or reply in the comments to this post!

day leaks through darkness
a suture spilling morning
like coffee, fresh starts

Our challenge is simple: write one haiku every day. Get inspired & join the fun on Twitter or in the comments!

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