Issue 3 – December 2020

We can all agree it’s not been the year we expected. New words have wormed their way into our everyday vocabulary, we’ve spent a lot more time indoors – and Briefly Zine was launched into the world in all its inky (digital) glory!

Literary magazines have had an especially important role in 2020. At a time when many people are feeling isolated, the human connection experienced through art and literature reminds us we’re not alone.

As always, we were hugely inspired by the quality and diversity of submissions. We’ve chosen nineteen exceptional poems and stories, all of which say something powerful in few words.

Be direct, simple, brief, vigorous and lucid.

HW Fowler

We hope when you’re reading and listening to these human snippets – funny, beautiful, moving or bleak – you will also share a moment of connection.

Daniel & Elinor

Original artwork by Elinor Clark


Anisha Kaul, ‘Scars of the Days Gone By’
Molly Knox, ‘Lilo Burial’
Danae Younge, ‘Orison’
Ben Keatinge, Two Poems
John Tustin, ‘At Confucius’ Resting Place’
Tabbytha Spyrison, ‘The Goodnight Kiss’
Jeff Burt, ‘Labyrinth’
Kim Michalak, Two Poems
DS Maolalai, ‘A toast’
Yuu Ikeda, ‘Broken Pieces of the Truth’
Philip Berry, ‘Fracture’
Michael McGill, ‘Monika’
Adam Day, ‘Blind in Whip Wind’


MM MacLeod, ‘The First Snowman of the Season’
David Henson, ‘Mom Wasn’t Wearing A Lampshade’
Leah Sackett, ‘Pray with Dirty Fingers’
Marcy Dilworth, ‘My Girl and Little Princess’