Danae Younge

Hydrangea stalks sundered,
stripped from out the copper loam —  
impending corpses sprawled like lapis anchors
tarnishing beneath the stone,
voices praying with the roots: 

                                                     march home, 
                                                               march home. 

Danae Younge is an undergraduate at Occidental College currently studying remotely from her home in North Carolina. Her work is published in Vita Brevis Magazine, Palette Point, Wonders Magazine, Academy of the Heart and Mind, and Rogue Agent Journal, and is forthcoming in Mason Street Magazine. She was a national winner selected by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey to be featured in Just Poetry!!! Literary Magazine and was awarded third place in the It’s All Write international competition. You can read more of Danae’s writing on her website and follow her on Instagram (@danae_celeste_).