Issue 1 – June 2020

Thank you for being here at the start of this new literary adventure. We’re honoured to present this outstanding selection of poems and stories that will captivate, inspire and entertain. And all in 600 words or less.

We were humbled to read hundreds of worthy submissions, from which we have selected two dozen of the boldest, briefest pieces.

I’ve only made this longer because I haven’t got time to make it shorter

Blaise Pascal

Conveying a powerful message in few words is an enviable skill. Every piece in Issue 1 achieves just that.

Without further ado, let’s get to the main event.

Dream big, write briefly.

Daniel & Elinor

Original artwork by Elinor Clark


Laura Owens, ‘just a little cut’
Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact, ‘Blind Retribution’
Ben Nardolilli, ‘The Power of Group’
Jennifer Patino, ‘Candles’
Larry Pike, ‘On the Highline, Glacier N. P.’
Philip Berry, ‘Serious’
Akanksha Singh, ‘Bazaar’
Melissa Graham, ‘Skint’
Theric Jepson, ‘A Golden Shovel after Sandra Simonds’
Lynn Caldwell, ‘I sleep a poem’
Bob Carlton, ‘Bronze Age Destruction Level’
mercy party, ‘aperture’
Rae Rozman, ‘Untitled’


Emma Cariello, ‘Feeding Tom’
Simea Stevens, ‘Junebug’
John Adams, ‘Perfect Jake and the Bank Heist That Goes Wrong’
Jessica Klimesh, ‘A Series of Bodies’
Yash Seyedbagheri, ‘Cents and Corpses’
DL Shirey, ‘Untitled’
Leah Sackett, ‘A Spot Not Blue’
Steve Lodge, ‘Communicating With Cheese’
Eva Shelby, ‘Flowers for My Daughter’
David Henson, ‘The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Camel’