Akanksha Singh

The hawkers yelled,
The street urchins tugged.

The horns blared,
The policeman glared,
And the beggars sang raucously.
But for the first time… I felt peace.

I floated up, no longer bound,
Lighter than air…
Lighter than sound.

The bazaar throbbed around me like a beating heart,
And my heart… drunk on its loud din,
Its harsh neon light,
Beat exactly to its tune.

I walked through the bazaar no more.
I was the Bazaar…
And the Bazaar was me.

Akanksha Singh is a poet and a writer though she prefers to call herself a storyteller. Her poems have been a constant fixture in her college magazines. She also won the Honorable Mention in the Delhi Poetry Slam. Writing is her way of fending off the tedium that often afflicts technical professionals. When she is not working or writing, she often wanders into the Himalayas, living the local village life. Her travel escapades can be found on her Instagram (@_travelinghungry_). Currently she is pursuing an MBA from IIM Kozhikode.