River of Life

John Ganshaw

Born into the stream of life with no set course, winding our way from one point to another. Flowing and trying not to drown, lay back and float with our feet up, relaxed on a river running its course. The rapids come every now and then, a waterfall here and there, but most of the time we just gently move so slightly. We wake each day and follow our path of existence, working, spending time with loved ones, and most of our time sleeping, dreaming of what could be. We seek comfort and for most, that means succumbing to what is safe and not seeking the adventure we long for, the pursuit of our dreams, in other words, to be protected by what we know. Life is meant to take risks, to not seek an end of one and the beginning of another but to embrace the entirety. To piece together the nuances of our existence. We look for the waterfalls and the rapids for it is there where the stories lie, where our mundane lives become adventures to share. Those moments when our hearts beat faster and lose our breath, caution is tossed to the wind, and seek the excitement of what lives in the shadows, out of the light. If we are truly lucky, so much adventure takes place that there is never an end, but a series of hidden paths and tributaries meant to explore, each one with its own story to be written.

Life is extremely short, with many forks for us to decide which way to go. We should choose the adventurous path, we may get bruised but we will have fulfilled our dreams.

The prompt provided a new journey to explore.  

After 31 years in banking, it was time for John Ganshaw to retire. New experiences enabled him to see the world through a different lens.