A measure of the past from the future

Namratha Varadharajan

I scroll through the new world
and there is a face  

that reminds me of a closed door.
The promise of everything

that flew away, the hidden ocean
of (possible) emotions. Everything

away from sight. The
we was never a we, and the

(never we) became an I, I
should have stuck

my face inside the wet earth, I
should have (again and again)

dived off ledges and fell into tears. Instead
in the now. nothing.

which makes me think there was nothing then.

Namratha Varadharajan writes to explore human emotions and relationships, and our interconnectedness with nature while trying to chip at the prejudices that plague us, one syllable at a time. Her work has been published in The Yearbook of Indian Poetry 2022, The Kali Project, The Gulmohar Quarterly, The Alipore Post, haikuKATHA, Poetry Pea, among others.