The Bliss of Morning Solitude

Sambhu Nath Banerjee

During our trip to North Bengal sometime in March a few years back with family and friends, we got down at this station, New Mal Junction. It was not even dawn; the sky was just getting fairer. We waited for the darkness to disappear, and found a thick pall of fog wrapping the air around us. As all the members moved out of the station, I felt a divine tranquillity of the place, and captured the moment to be preserved for posterity.

Passion for travelling imbued with an ardent love for photography inspires me as much as my craving for creative writing. The elements encrypted in Empty Space find a graphic expression in ‘The Bliss of Morning Solitude’. The concept of emptiness of a space can be heightened by the subliminal presence of other objects. In this photograph, the glimpse of a denuded tree in the backdrop of foggy canvas truly brings out the essence of the Empty Space theme.

Sambhu Nath Banerjee (Ph.D.) from Kolkata, India is passionate about photography and writing on cinemas and social issues. His works appear in Cafe Dissensus, Muse India, Borderless and 3Elements.