Extract from Here and There

Samaré Gozal

I thought about how one day, probably soon, he’d be carried out of these rooms.

The space would not register his departure, let alone his infinite absence.

The walls would remain still and mute, awaiting the removal of the lamps and wardrobes

and the cup and spoon he was holding in his hand at that very moment.

One by one the objects would leave the space and soon there’d be no traces of him

other than a picture of him and one of Ola staring into a black and white sun.

A shaky hand reached for the sugar bowl in the centre of the table. Two spoons full and

a seemingly ceaseless stirring commenced. Round and round. I didn’t know where to go

so I sat down in my wet coat. He put a cup in front of me and poured. ‘Why is there

even sugar in this bowl? You’re not supposed to have any sugar at all.’ I felt a piercing

pain in my head. As if a hundred needles were about to be pressed against my eyelids.

I pushed the cup away and leaned back.

Samaré Gozal is an Iranian born Swedish filmmaker who has primarily worked as a director and producer in Ramz since 2005. Samaré  holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Lund in Sweden after which she started her film studies at the European Film College in Denmark. Since then she has been working on a variety of audio and writing projects internationally.