Atmospheric Froth

Irene Cunningham

I think what makes this image is the remnant of the old popular fashion emporium – What Every Woman Wants. What a statement to leave in an empty building. I snapped the pic from a moving bus, realising that they were about to demolish the block. Memories of Glasgow, a derelict tenement on Argyle St which has been replaced. That sang, Space, to me. It was manipulated slightly on PicsArt. Most cities/towns will be different for our grandchildren, not the same environment we grew up in. In my late teens I bought a new dress every weekend from there for a pound, and danced the evening away up in the Sauchiehall St night-clubs.

Irene Cunningham has had many poems in many magazines and anthologies over the decades. In 2019, Hedgehog Press published, SANDMEN: A Space Odyssey, a poetry conversation with Diana Devlin. In 2022, Dreich Press published her first solo chapbook, No Country for Old Woman. She moved to Brighton last year.