Write 10, Win 10 (2022) – Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted ten words to the second edition of our tiny contest. Once again, we were amazed by the quality and inventiveness of our entrants’ brief writing.

This year’s theme was Reflection, an idea that can be (and was!) taken in many directions. Some writers looked in the mirror; others became the mirror. Some reflected on past lives or loves; others saw themselves reflected in people or places.

We found some absolute gems in this year’s 121 entries, including the winning and shortlisted stories published below. Every contribution sparkled in its own way, offering a brief window into a moment or memory.

Huge congratulations to Kate Twitchin and thank you again to everyone who shared their words with us: every single one was enjoyed and appreciated.


Initial response, vitriolic. Stop, save, sleep. Pride digested, edit, send.

Kate Twitchin


Two pillowed heads turn away. Loneliness scrolls through handheld light.

Jenny Wong

I jump into the sky puddle. Splosh. Ghostly trees vanish.

Hannah Powell

The mirror looks at me. I cannot meet its gaze.

Sean Cullivan

At intersections, I envy roads. Neither to turn nor go.

Mandira Pattnaik

Shoes on feet! Am I going out or coming in?

Ann Phillips

Long orphaned, my reflection finally reunites me with my mother.

Laura Besley

After the splash in the dam, the still moon again.

Billy Antonio

The water, once pure, can hold your reflection no more.

Annelies Paris

I never thought I would follow in my child’s footsteps.

Scot Martin

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