Najeeb Yusuf Ubandiya

I barred the windows and the doors
Yet, so, I feel exposed by the roof –
As though the east wind stirs
& sings like a hummingbird to
The house and makes it move.

It rains outside & the dotted sands,
Like poets, interchange syllables
& rhythms with the skies –
Slights of waves & gestures.

The air smells of period clouds;
Pieces of raindrops turn the street
Into an earthly river and the streetlights
Dance to the rainy screams.

Najeeb Yusuf Ubandiya is a young poet from Nigeria. He is a loner who writes to find out what he thinks and feels – about himself and the world around him – and to keep his purpose awake and breathing. His work has appeared in Ngiga Review, Blue Marble Review, Riveting Rants and is forthcoming in other literary magazines. You can find him tweeting (@najeeb___X).