Two Poems

Ruth Callaghan do Valle

Rare Animals

Rare animals fascinate me.
Night falls and I lie in wait.
Silence descends, the conditions are favourable,
there is every chance now that they will
make an appearance –
Would I still recognise them?
A sudden disturbance puts them to flight.
Shenanigans, shy creatures that they are,
make themselves scarce. 
They are unlikely to return now with the toddler so close, 
a dormant despot whose iron grip is inescapable. 
So we settle down in the hide and wait for another day
and pray for conditions to remain favourable.


Spring has arrived –
cascades of golden blossom
carpeting the ground

Before the rains come
winds sway the young green mangoes
waiting hopefully

Yellow spears burst through
brilliant green foliage
reaching to the clouds

Ruth Callaghan do Valle writes in English with forays into Portuguese, and currently lives in small-town rural Brazil with her husband and toddler. You can find Ruth on Twitter (@rufusmctoofus), her spoken word poems on Instagram (@mctoofus) and posts about life in Brazil on her blog.