it’s one of those things

Craig Kittner

I would have held on to
so I could tell you later

how its velveteen color was the first thing I noticed, followed
by its cardinal-like shape and the touch of yellow along its tail

how, after I grabbed binoculars, one became two and then six…
seven… twelve… a whole flock of masks in the magnolia leaves

how I remember the pocket guide we had in the old house and how
their illustration was my favorite and I’ve never seen one ’til now

I would have told you all this – because it’s simple and real
and nothing to do with politics – or business – or morality

and you would have appreciated it because our hearts
were just similar enough to be moved by such things

and that’s what this is all about

how you no longer have ears to hear
and I can’t tell you what that feels like

Craig Kittner has lived a lot of places. Fourteen at last count. Providence saw the start of interesting things that DC helped solidify. Now he lives near the sea in North Carolina and likes to ramble and write. Recent publications include Rabid Oak, Right Hand Pointing, and Bones.