The Cherry Tree

Peter Gregory

O Cherry tree, through years gone by do I remember you,   
Those falling petals of white and pink in pretty springtime hue.

A secret place only I may see, amidst the shadows of my past.
From time to time I often think on your welcome memory

In summer’s breeze and chipping lark, I see you bathed in daylight rays.
A flowering totem from the dark illuminates the darkest days.

O Cherry tree, tears I shed upon your roughened balm.
When discipline metered in so harsh a brand, you held me high from harm.   

Skin red raw from stinging hand, could no plead then disarm.  
Came sudden without warning, parent’s wrath again would land.

Hiding secrets of child’s innocence lost,
Friend who watched in leafy shade and branches tall.

No matter how, o cherry tree, pain I can’t forget,
Your image, hold on tightly, sure to not regret.

Peter Gregory has a passion for writing and art, designing book covers and even animated GIFs. He is a proud geek who loves movies and TV, especially horror and sci-fi. Shortly after starting to write, he became homeless and spent several years in temporary accommodation, as well as further periods with no roof over his head. He is now sending his work into writing competitions and self publishing.