on seeing your birthday pictures two months later, I dream of you

victoria mallorga hernandez

but careless,
I cannot remember &
           the shore below my feet
           confirms that a dream is all
I ever held & even if you wave
across the river, your lips in my hand
are the best reminder that memories are a form
of waiting, & I am tired of licking up the dregs of you
holding it inside my mouth, holding onto a whisper
onto something
that     you know
           was never there.

victoria¬†mallorga¬†hernandez is a peruvian taurus, trickster, and poet. Currently, she’s an associate editor at palette poetry and editorial assistant at redivider mag. Her first poetry collection, ‘albion’, came out in 2019 from Alastor Editores. Her work has been featured in Revista Lucerna, molok, El Hablador and others.