Haiku A Day – Day 6

At Briefly Write our mission is to inspire you to write! If you’re in need of some structure for your poetry, our ‘Haiku A Day’ challenge is the perfect way to get creating.

The haiku’s tight form will make you pay close attention to word choice, and focus your attention on the strongest images. Writing a haiku every day will be a great exercise to spark your creativity or rekindle your poetic burnings — before long you will be hooked on this wonderful form!

Each day we’ll post a haiku to lead the way. From time to time, we’ll also offer insights, advice and additional prompts to keep you on track.

We’d love to see what you create: you can tweet your haiku to @BrieflyWrite or reply in the comments to this post!

Same series of stars;
static souvenirs, constant
presence. Shut your eyes.

Our challenge is simple: write one haiku every day. Get inspired & join the fun on Twitter or in the comments!

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