Write On

You want to write? You consider yourself a writer? Then write! Don’t sit staring at a screen worrying you’re not good enough. Stop getting distracted at the first opportunity and wasting hours scrolling through social media. Write!

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the greatest obstacle for any writer is imposter syndrome. That feeling where you doubt every word. Where you ask yourself, who’s going to want to read this anyway? Or, does my story add anything to the billions of books already written?

It’s completely normal to experience this doubt. But we’re here to make sure it doesn’t stop you writing!

Everyone has a story to tell. Never feel like your voice doesn’t deserve to be heard. You are unique. Your voice is unique. Your writing is unique.

This page aims to serve as inspiration to all writers, whether you are working on a novel, a six-word story, a poem, a short story, a memoir, an article, a sketch, a letter, a screenplay or a shopping list.

We have creative prompts, advice from published authors and endless encouragement to keep getting words on a page. Let’s write!

Writing Prompts

Get involved and get inspired with the Briefly Write Prompt Game. Every Wednesday we post a new prompt to help you craft outstanding stories or poems – have a look and start writing!