Reading Challenge 2020

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

It’s here… get excited!

The inaugural Briefly Write Reading Challenge encourages you to look at the world from new perspectives. There are twelve categories: open ended enough not to constrain the reader, but specific enough to offer a clear framework that can guide your selections.

Reading opens the door to new cultures, new experiences and new ways of thinking. And the best way to do this is by making an effort to include writers, themes and viewpoints you might (unintentionally) be neglecting.

So use the Reading Challenge as an opportunity to expand your horizons. Read differently in 2020!

The Briefly Reading Challenge 2020

1. A book by an independent author
2. A biography of someone you dislike
3. A “classic” you’ve not read before
4. A book with a second-person narrator
5. A book arguing for something you disagree with
6. A book with a child narrator
7. A book by an indigenous author
8. A book recommended by a friend
9. A book released in 2020
10. A book you’ve owned a long time and never read
11. A book set in a location significant to you
12. A prize-winning book

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