Issue 8 – March 2022

Welcome to the eighth edition of Briefly Zine. Allow us to show you to your table.

From the start, we’ve promised micro feasts. We hope you’ll agree that the 140 poems, stories and photos we’ve released so far have been tasty and filling.

In Issue 8, we have another 20 delicacies for your eyes and ears. Every piece is a treat. Every piece is proof of the power of art, the transient permanence of a moment, and the permanent transience of life.

Thank you to everyone who has been here since the start of the Briefly adventure. Thank you (and welcome) to anyone who is dining with us for the first time. Whoever you are and wherever you are in the world, it’s a delight to have you here. Bon appétit!

Dream big, write briefly

Daniel & Elinor

Lila Kahn, Two Photos

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar, ‘Colored Feathers’

Karen Walker, ‘Certainly Not Trees in Winter’

Joan García Viltró, ‘Hop On’

Lillie Elsworth, ‘Ajar’

Jeff Gallagher, ‘Enough’

Andrea Lynn Koohi, ‘Full Speed Ahead’

Mervyn Seivwright, ‘Back Roads of a Country’

Andrew Ray Williams, ‘There She Was’

Mia Lofthouse, ‘Not your fault’

Johanna Caton, ‘To a Mentor Never Properly Thanked’

Ilias Tsagas, ‘Larnaca Bay, March 2021’

Louise Mather, ‘My Heart After Chernobyl’

Elizabeth Guilt, ‘Reveal’

Kris Spencer, ‘The Piano Tuner’

Steph Amir, ‘CDs’

JP Lor, ‘Roadkill’

Pauline Rowe, ‘Garden Life’

Ben Keatinge, Two Poems

Matt Gilbert, ‘Outside broadcast’

New schedule

We’re now moving to a twice-yearly publication schedule, with submissions open for the two months preceding a publication month. Issue 9 subs will be open in July and August for a September release.

Issue 9 will be a themed issue. You can vote for your choice of theme here. If you don’t use Twitter, you are welcome to email us your choice ( by the end of Monday 29th March. Pick from: EMPTY / SPACES / RESTART / CHOICES

Issue 10 (March 2023) will be unthemed.

Poetry Prize

Before all that, we also have the Briefly Write Poetry Prize 2022, which will launch in May and close in July. Full details will be announced soon.

The prize fund will be at least £50. To help us cover our costs and increase the prize fund you can support our work here. Every penny donated goes directly towards sustaining and growing Briefly (we don’t pay ourselves anything).

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