Issue 5 – June 2021

Welcome to Issue 5… We had a record number of submissions, a record number of arguments about submissions and a record number of coffees while we settled arguments about submissions!

The first in our second series, Issue 5 is a cyclical contradiction. First we have night. The stillness of the city, the glistening of the spider’s web. Sounds amidst silence, light piercing darkness. Reflections, regret and envy.

Then comes morning. Water returns and so do goats. Time resets but the fog doesn’t clear. Finally, afternoon and evening roll into one. Shadows, stencils, shrapnel. Long afternoons and afternoons of longing.

Issue 5 features photography for the first time. Like the poems and stories, the photos we chose capture or anticipate a story in a single frame: in-between moments, about-to-happen moments, just-happened moments. We’ve loved having so much photography in our inbox and hope to see more in the months ahead.

Happy reading – and thank you for being here with us as we start our second year. We’re just getting started…

Daniel & Elinor

Original photo by Kiley Brockway


Emily Cooke, ‘Flower Moon’

JP Seabright, ‘Summer Night City’

Sean Cunningham, ‘What Went Wrong’

Hibah Shabkhez, Two Poems

Foy Timms, ‘Ljubljana’

J.V. Sumpter, Two Poems

Nancy Byrne Iannucci, ‘Spiderweb’


cloudassassins, ‘Mast at sunrise’

Jenny Wong, ‘When Water Returns to the Salt Edged Shore’

Carl Farrell, On the Goats that Invaded a Welsh Town during the First Coronavirus Lockdown’

Sean Cunningham, ‘Black Swift’

Rachel Newcombe, ‘Island Fog’

Sarah Leavesley, ‘Flamingos in Pink Heels’

Sreekanth Kopuri, ‘On an Old Photograph’


Kiley Brockway, Three Photos

Rachel Bruce, ‘Stencils’

Alva Holland, ‘Thin Dust’

Charlotte Reynolds, ‘Shrapnel’

Maria Barleben-Adderley, ‘Gullfoss’

Sage Tyrtle, ‘Cleveland National Forest Field Trip’

Lori Cramer, ‘Only You’

Linda McMullen, ‘Timimoun’